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ABFPC Food Master Plan


2022 Food Master Plan ABFPC (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE CITY OF ASHEVILLE’S FOOD POLICY ACTION PLAN) outlines our Mission, Vision, Goals and key priorities of ABFPC. This was developed through a community engagement process. The identified priorities apply to our work at both the city and county level, and will be revised regularly to reflect the needs and priorities of our members and the community.

Under the 2019 revised structure, the General Council has committed to reviewing and revising the Food Master Plan in 2020, stay tuned for exciting updates and re-commitments to long standing priorities.

Food Master Plan for Asheville and Buncombe County

MISSION: To identify, propose and advocate for policies, financial appropriations, and innovative solutions to improve and protect our local food system in order to advance economic development, social justice, environmental sustainability, and community resiliency.

VISION: All residents of Buncombe County have access to and the option to cultivate and prepare nutritious food within a resilient and sovereign foodshed that sustainably harvests and conserves farmland, forests, and water resources, sustains our population, collaborates with neighboring counties, and ensures a thriving agriculture-related economy.

LONG TERM GOAL 1: Increase Buncombe County rural and urban food production for local consumption according to identified need until demands are met.

LONG TERM GOAL 2: Increase access to nutritionally adequate food for Buncombe County residents experiencing food insecurity according to identified need until demands are met.

LONG TERM GOAL 3: Work with neighboring counties to advocate for a plan to increase regional nutritional self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness through public-private partnerships.

LONG TERM GOAL 4: Increase agricultural economic viability by advocating for preserving farmland through conservation easements, ensuring adequate access to affordable business and financial resources, increasing product demand through local sourcing by individuals and institutions, and working with community partners to establish realistic targets.

Updated with approved definitions on 7-1-15
Updated with revisions to Mission, Vision, & LTG’s by General Council on 4-27-15
Approved by General Council of the AB Food Policy Council on 8-27-12
Updated with Cluster Responsibilities by General Council on 9-25-12 and 1-9-13
Updated with definitions on 1-16-13
Updated with Cluster reassignments 1-31-13
Renamed “Food Master Plan” to avoid confusion w/ City’s Food Action Plan 6-13-13

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