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What a great Serviceberry Workshop!

Thanks to the great crowd for joining us to learn how to identify, harvest, and prepare Serviceberries.  These early season fruits, also known as Saskatoons or June berries were ripe for the picking as we learned how to find them and what to do with them!

Tasty, nearly ripe serviceberries!

Stay tuned for details for the Fall session featuring tasty PawPaw and Persimmons fruits.  

WORKSHOP BACKGROUND: This workshop helped participants identify Serviceberry trees in the community, know when to pick the ripe fruits, and gave some easy cooking instruction to eat fresh, prepared, jellied, or frozen berries throughout the year.  

Instructors were Tom Celona and Cathy Cleary. Tom is a fruit and nut enthusiast who has a special place in his heart for finding, picking and eating tasty edibles all around the city. Cathy’s a local chef and author. Her recent book, Southern Harvest Cookbook, explores the tasty culinary traditions of our region. CLICK HERE FOR PRESENTATION SLIDES (including recipes)!

The City of Asheville is home to many tasty edible plantings on public property, including a healthy population of Serviceberries, Paw Paws and Persimmons. This workshop was conducted in partnership with the City of Asheville and the Office of Sustainability’s Asheville Edibles program, working to implement food growing and use initiatives as part of implementation of the Food Policy Action Plan.

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