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What IS a Food Policy Council?

Food Policy Councils (FPCs) provide a forum for food advocates from across the community to come together and address common concerns regarding food policy.

Broadly defined, food policy is a set of collective decisions made by governments at all levels, businesses, and organizations that affect how food gets from the farm to your table.

A food policy can be as broad as a federal regulation on food labeling or as local and specific as a zoning law that lets city dwellers raise honeybees…a vast food system generates many policies, and for the most part, the average citizen doesn’t have much of a role in shaping them.

Food Policy Councils provide a pathway to address this lack of participation by bringing together all stakeholders in a community food system and organizing a voice to construct systems that reflect our shared values.

To learn more about Food Policy Councils, check out “Doing Food Policy Councils Right: a Guide to Development and Action

Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council (ABFPC)

Our mission is to identify, propose and advocate for policies, financial appropriations, and innovative solutions to improve and protect our local food system in order to advance economic development, social justice, environmental sustainability, and community resiliency.

Our vision is that all residents of Buncombe County have access to and the option to cultivate and prepare nutritious food within a resilient and sovereign foodshed that sustainably harvests and conserves farmland, forests, and water resources, sustains our population, collaborates with neighboring counties, and ensures a thriving agriculture-related economy.

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