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2016 has been an introspective year for the Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council.  Now in our 7th year, ABFPC, one of the first food policy councils in North Carolina, continues to be one of the most established and well-developed grassroots food policy councils in the region. As we plan for strategic operations and prepare for the many challenges we face in expanding and protecting food and farm sovereignty, it is critical that we have our organizational house in order.

ABFPC’s governing documents, including policies and procedures, provide the framework for smooth operations and horizontal governing structure that has empowered us to be successful thus far and lays the groundwork for ongoing collaborative leadership in the field.  We hope that our work in developing these documents will not only serve to guide our work in Western North Carolina, but will also provide a model for other independent food policy councils throughout the country.

In cooperation, we share these governing documents with the community.

ABFPC Governance Agreement

Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council Policies and Procedures

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