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Ripe for the picking~ serviceberries in Asheville!

Come one come all....its that tasty time of year for grazing walks along teeming rows of public edibles, the Serviceberries are RIPE! Amelanchier (am-ə-LAN-sheer), also known as shadbush, shadwood or shadblow, serviceberry or sarvisberry, or just sarvis, juneberry, saskatoon, sugarplum or wild-plum, and...a personal favorite...chuckley pearis a genus of about 20 species of deciduous-leaved shrubs and small trees in the Rose family (Rosaceae).

And, most importantly right now....they're ripe for the picking in various locations around Asheville and surrounding areas!

Above is a sweet shot of some local children harvesting ripe berries from a serviceberry tree on Haywood Rd. in West. Asheville, mmmmm!

See below for additional information about this abundant plant and for more information on how to use the tasty edible fruits!

Action Alert - 5/19/17

Keep food on our kids plates!

An advocacy alert from our friends at MANNA Food Bank & Children First, ACT NOW! Access to food leads to better outcomes for children (and their parents). The one-two punch for ending child hunger in our region are the school meals program and the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka Food Stamps). Over half of children in Buncombe County public schools benefit from the school meals programs to get the food and nutrition they need. NC's Senate has passed a budget provision that threatens 51,000 children served by these programs and would kick an estimated 133,000 adults (many of them parents and grandparents) off of SNAP. You can read the news story here. TAKE ACTION: Can you join with us and our friends at Children's First and MANNA FoodBank and ask state legislators to keep food on kids and adults plates? Click here for info and how to act.  

ACTION ALERT 5/17/17- Save Healthy Corner Store Initiative!

Take action TODAY, call your representative to save funding for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative (HCSI).  Below are details from Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!)on HCSI and how to take action NOW. Many thanks to our friends & partners at YES! for their advocacy on this critical effort. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0C-WxERsak&feature=youtu.be
On Friday, May 12, 2017 the North Carolina Senate passed its version of the state budget. The budget did not include funding for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative (HCSI).
North Carolina needs $1 million in recurring funds in order to increase access to fresh and healthy foods for residents across the state. This initiative also benefits store owners, local farmers and fishermen and entire communities.
The Healthy Corner Store Initiative can help reduce the number of North Carolina residents living with food insecurity by tapping into a community's existing retail footprint. The Initiative engages corner store and small business owners and provides them with assistance in stocking fresh, healthy foods. Because some of these foods can be locally sourced, the Initiative can also create new markets for farmers and fisherman.
YES! has been supporting this initiative for four years through community surveys, local education and legislative advocacy and we want to see it through!
Contact your representative and ask for their support today!
If you're not sure who represents you, put your zip code into this website to find them and their contact information. We suggest that you add your Representative and Senator's name, email and phone number to your contact list so it's easier to email or call them in the future.
Sample Language
Here is some language that you can use (or make your own message!):
"Hello, my name is ___________________ and I am a constituent of Representative _______________________ (let them know if you're a farmer or a small retail business owner). I am calling to ask the Representative to include $1 million in recurring funding in the budget for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative in the budget. This investment in the Healthy Corner Store Initiative will expand the program across the state, benefiting small businesses by increasing their profits, encouraging local farmers and fishers to expand to new markets, and providing North Carolina communities with the access to healthy foods they need to live healthy, active lives. The Healthy Corner Store Initiative is a triple-win for our state. Please ask the Representative to stand up to the Senate and do the right thing by fully funding this important initiative. Thank you."
Contact your representative and ask for their support today!

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