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Clusters are the driving force behind the Food Policy Council.

Our members organize around major issues that impact food resilience in the Asheville-Buncombe area. These clusters operate independently, coming together at General Council meetings to discuss, organize, and mobilize activities around the ABFPC’s mission.

Read more about specific clusters below.

Get involved by joining a cluster meeting or emailing [email protected] for more information.

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Access Cluster

The Access Cluster works to increase access to culturally appropriate, affordable, nutritious food for all Asheville and Buncombe County residents by identifying and addressing existing physical, economic and educational barriers.

Farmer Support Cluster

The Farmer Support Cluster develops policies and supports programs that enhance farm profitability and preserve farmland.

Land Use Cluster

The Land Use Cluster identifies the ideas and needs to be included in comprehensive land use policy in  Buncombe County along with targeted land-use initiatives within the Asheville city limits.

Resilience Working Group

The ABFPC Resilience Working Group is examining our capacity to not only withstand systemic shocks but to innovate and thrive. The group is exploring ways to become more self-reliant in the longer term and build resilience leading to sustainability through education, advocacy and policy work.

Water Cluster

The Water Cluster focuses on local water issues surrounding supply, cleanliness, and erosion, and offers education and advocacy about these issues.

Policy Mobilization Cluster (ad-hoc)

An ad-hoc cluster that is initiated to move policy recommendations forward in their appropriate venues, the Policy Mobilization Cluster works across focus areas and with all clusters.


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